I write.

Good writing makes you want to keep reading. Great writing gives you no choice.

Writing is what I do for you—and for me. Since my childhood, I've loved the written word. My grandmother and great-grandmother and I would spend hours at the local library, strolling aisles for all the stories we couldn't live without ... for the week anyway. Dragging home a giant canvas bag from the library, I'd soon get lost in good books. Now I'm working on writing a few of my own novels.

I am also passionate about technology. My forte is translating complex information into digestible concepts that build upon each other. I can quickly understand the big picture and what's needed to get you there. My repertoire of experience spans two decades and includes all facets of PR and marketing, branding, social media, research and analytics, collateral development and sales enablement.

To an experienced and passionate communications professional, nothing seems impossible—not the deadline, the topic or the client’s wish list. It’s the attitude I embrace every day.

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